IFA 2012

At IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) exhibition in Berlin in August-September 2012, only LG and Samsung exhibited same size 55-inch OLED TVs based on Organic Light-Emitting Diode technology.

LG Electronics has placed eight OLED TVs at the central entrance of its booth and added a beautiful lady in red to its cool electronics.

Worlds Best 3D_LG OLED TV

That was 55EM9600 model, 4 mm thin and 10 kg in weight.

The model was all-in-one (just add LG OLED TV in the end of each “World’s something” statement):

  • The Ultimate Display
  • World’s Best 3D
  • World’s Largest
  • World’s Slimmest
  • World’s First 4  Color Pixel

with three design options:

  • Versatile Floor Stand
  • Floating Table Stand
  • Perfect Wall Mount


LG was so proud and aware of its technology that it was possible to see OLED TV not only at the front but also from behind:

LG OLED TV from behind

This LG model got EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) 2012-2013 Display Achievement Award.

Samsung Electronics, the World’s biggest manufacturer of AMOLED displays for smartphones, was also there with its 55-inch “Samsung OLED TV”, placing a dozen of OLEDs on its booth to greatly impress visitors by “The Biggest OLED TV Experience”:

Samsung OLED TVs

Samsung marketing staff found different words to call one of its best products: “World’s First OLED TV”.

Samsung OLED TV_Moon Landscape

Jack Trout taught: “Differentiate of Die”.

Samsung’s great marketing team differentiated its OLED TV prototype with model name 55ES9500 highlighting the following features:

  • Infinite Contrast
  • Absolute Black
  • Extreme Sharpness
  • Crosstalk free 3D
  • Multi-View

Multi-View means that two persons can not only view two different 3D contents using Mullti-View Bluetooth Active 3D glasses, but listen to different audio using headphones built in each pair of 3D glasses! This is an unbelievable experience!

CES 2013

Korean 55-inch FHD OLEDs

At International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in January, 2013 Samsung showed the same OLED TVs as at IFA without any further improvement just stressing on ” A New Era in Picture Quality” and showing Multi-View functionality.

Samsung OLED TV

55-inch OLED Multi-View

Main stage at Samsung CES booth was given to 85″, 95″ and 110″ Timeless Gallery UHD TVs.

LG Electronics has not only showed its 55 inch flat and curved OLED TVs at CES 2013 (of course, WRGB, Cinema 3D and Smart TV inside),

LG OLED TV_The Ultimate Display

LG OLED TV Flamingo Style (2)

but added a Flamingo Style stand and announced launch of its 55-inch 4 mm thin OLED TV in America, Europe and Asia in the 1st quarter of 2013.

Japanese 56-inch 4K OLEDs

Japanese companies Panasonic and Sony have decided to partner in development of OLED displays since summer 2012.

They didn’t exhibited OLED TVs at IFA 2012 last fall and actually being behind Korean competitors in this technology they unveiled “one inch more” in size and four times more in resolution 56-inch 4Kx2K OLED displays.

Panasonic usually likes to compare the TVs at its booth like “2013 Plasma TVs vs. 2012 Plasma TVs” or “Plasma vs. LCD” by contrast, black level or response time. This time at CES they have placed OLED display prototype far away from the main booth exposition calling it “World’s Largest 4K OLED created by Printing Technology (RGB all-printing method). The display has 500 cd/m2 brightness, 3 M:1 contrast, it is 8.9 mm thick at thinnest part and has a weight of 12.4 kg.

Panasonic Worlds Largest 4K OLED created by Printing Technology (front view)

Panasonic World’s Largest 4K OLED

There was no possibility to look from side or from behind to see if it is really slim.

Panasonic Worlds Largest 4K OLED created by Printing Technology (side view)

Sony put its “The World’s First and Largest 4K OLED TV in a dark part of the booth because that was a prototype so visitors could not see the shape of the display, just a front screen.

The Worlds First and Largest 4K OLED TV (front view)

While shooting from the side with a flash, you can have a picture showing a prototype that is not so beautiful and slim as LG’s 55″ OLED.

The Worlds First and Largest 4K OLED TV (side view)

Sony stresses in its CES Press Release that this prototype uses the latest oxide semiconductor TFTs and Sony’s own “Super Top Emission” technologies. The OLED panel was jointly developed with Taiwanese company AU Optronics Corp. (AUO). Other features of the OLED prototype were not disclosed.

56″ 4K OLED TVs by Sony and Panasonic may be ready for shops sometime in 2015.