We all remember CRT TVs with convex spherical screen and Sony Trinitron TVs with convex cylindrical screen. Then came pure flat Plasma and LCD TVs and manufacturers convinced us that flat screen form is the best.

At CES 2012 both LG and Samsung showed same 55-inch size OLED TVs. LG called its TV as “World’s Largest 3D OLED TV 55” while Samsung called its new sample as “Super OLED TV”. Neither LG nor Samsung started to mass produce and sell their 55-inch OLED TVs in 2012.

Not surprisingly, both Korean companies have simultaneously invented another “The World’s First” 55-inch TV to show at CES 2013: “The World’s First Curved OLED TV”! Because convex screens existed in the past, this time TVs have to be with concave screen!

Please, have a look at Samsung Curved OLED TV which has slightly curved screen and much more curved stand behind the TV:

The Worlds First Curved OLED TV 55 inch by SamsungSamsung Curved 55 inch OLED TV

LG Electronics added “3D” to the term “The World’s First Curved OLED TV” and placed not one, but three curved OLED TVs in a line:

LG The Worlds First Curved 3D OLED TV

LG Curved OLED TV side view

LG has just started selling its flat 55EM9700 OLED TV in Korea at KRW 11 million becaming the first Korean company in the world to do so.

Let’s guess which OLED product both Korean companies will show this year at IFA in Berlin or next year at CES in Las Vegas?