One of the hot topics at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES-2012) is 4Kx2K resolution technology.

Frankly speaking LG has displayed “World’s Largest 84″ Ultra Definition 3D TV” at CES-2011 but that time it was not so eye-catching.

This time, at CES -2012, a number of major consumer electronics manufacturers has shown products with 4K technology.

LG exhibits again “World’s Largest 84″ Ultra Definition 3D TV” but with slim bezel and elegant stand. This time the model name is announced as 84LM9600 and in addition to 4K display resolution it shows 3D picture with passive 3D glasses, has Edge-LED backlight, Smart TV features and 4 Mode Magic Motion remote control. There is no exact price yet and this model should appear for sales in the U.S. the 3Q 2012.

SHARP exhibits a step-forward prototype: 85 inch LCD TV with 8Kx4K display resolution and shows 4K resolution based on ICC-4K technology. ICC stands for Integrated Cognitive Creation and this technology is co-developed by Sharp and I-Cubed Research Center. John Herrington, President of Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America promised to introduce Sharp TVs with 4K technology this year.

SAMSUNG also follows the trend and shows 70″ 4Kx2K Ultra High Definition LED LCD prototype.

PANASONIC decided to show not the biggest 4K display but world’s smallest and thinnest 4K2K LCD panel (20.4 inch size, 3.5mm thin). This is an IPS-Pro LCD panel with 8.29 million pixels or 216 pixels per inch.

TOSHIBA exhibits 55 inch glasses-free 3D LCD TV with 4K resolution and local dimming LED backlight to be available in shops in 1Q 2012 at the price of about $10000. Taiwanese LCD panel manufacturer AU Optronics is going to supply 55 inch 4K2K panels for this Toshiba TV.

JVC presents GY-HMQ10, World’s First handheld 4K Camcorder that shoots video using H.264 variable bit rate codec and it will be available in the U.S. at retail price of about $5000 in March 2012.

SONY exhibits 4K Home Theater projector and BD player BDP-S790 with 4K upscale feature.

What shell we expect in support of 4K display technology? 4K broadcasting, 4K movie streaming and Blu-Ray discs with 4K video. “Men in Black III” on BD with 4K resolution? First in Cinema Theaters, then at home. Dreams may soon come true.